About Us

Reinventing Service Excellence for More Than 20 Years

We are a small business that produces big results from our agile mindset, flexible and aggressive delivery approach, and direct involvement in our daily operations. Our leadership has a strong record spanning over 20 years of individual accomplishment in corporate and government service. We leverage this knowledge and experience with current and future clients, spearheading our growth in the years ahead.

Our approach

The Newberry management philosophy focuses on ensuring customer satisfaction, emphasizing exceptional technical performance, transparent management, and the diligent identification of risks as they arise. The Newberry PM has direct reach-back capability to the Newberry’s Executive Team to support complex or critical risks. We work together to ensure rapid problem resolutions so that they do not become a crisis for our clients when they occur.

We are your partner

Our expertise and authenticity build trusted partner relationships with our clients. Building structured collaboration into the delivery of requested services sets the stage for continued cooperation beyond the timeframe of a specific engagement. Engaging key stakeholders at the beginning of the project, including team leads, PMs, team members, executive sponsors, customers, and other stakeholders across your organization, enables the development of collaborative solutions that meet the needs of the organization and its most important customers – internally and externally. The benefits to this approach are to achieve early and consistently strong buy-in from critical stakeholders on the process and the key deliverables and to use the right resources at the right time on the right tasks.  

The enterprise-level solution for any size business

Our delivery model seamlessly blends cybersecurity, managed IT services, and management consulting to give every client we serve enterprise-level advantages:

  • Strategic alignment between your IT and your overall business objectives
  • An IT system that delivers value to your organization at a reduced cost
  • Optimized management of your resources, from information to infrastructure
  • Continuous risk management to protect you proactively—not reactively
  • Ongoing quality assurance through tracking and monitoring against clear performance metrics and transparent reporting

Newberry is appraised at CMMI Level 3 for Services

We are appraised at Level 3 of the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)®. As a global leader in the advancement of best practices in people process and technology for more than 25 years, CMMI is an integrated set of best practices that enables businesses to improve the performance of their key business processes. This level of appraisal confirms that our processes are performed and managed in accordance with a recorded organizational level process description. The CMMI enables us to enhance execution across a range of critical business capabilities, including service excellence, workforce management, data management, and cybersecurity.

Solutions for all industries

As technologies and the demands of the business world change, so do we. From the United States Department of Defense to the highly regulated financial and healthcare industries, our clients know they can count on Newberry Group for the continual innovation and reinvention that keeps them safely and smartly at the forefront of their fields.

Our mission is excellence

Adopting a true partnership approach, we work alongside our customers with 100% transparency. The result is an entrepreneurial,
customer-centered focus that sets us apart in our industry. We are not your typical small business contractor. The strength of our company is a direct reflection of our highly skilled, certified and talented teams. Our core values are Integrity, Innovation, and Diversity. These are at the forefront of everything we do.

Employee Owned

Creating Value for our Clients
By exploring next practices in technologies and services we bring technical innovation to the forefront of our brand. The strength of our company is a direct reflection of our highly skilled, certified and talented teams. 

Commitement to Diversity

A Commitment to Diversity
Diversity, inclusion and belonging is who we are rather than simply what we do. We take a holistic approach by embedding the philosophy and practices of diversity, inclusion and belonging into all aspects of our culture and business. Additionally, Newberry Group promotes social awareness and supports diverse organizations in our community.


Employees Invested in Your Success
Newberry Group employees are driven to bring complete transparency, professional excellence, and uncompromised integrity to every project, challenge, and service touchpoint. Our signature customer service experience is something each of us takes pride in.

Our management team

We are headquartered in both Owings Mills, Maryland, and St. Charles, Missouri. We employ a nationwide network of technical and consulting professionals geographically dispersed throughout the United States. Together, we help businesses, government agencies, and non-profits across the country unlock the true, often untapped, power of technology and build unmistakable value for their organizations.

Christopher J. Steinbach

President & Chief Executive Officer


Christopher J. Pugh

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

62 (2)

Mindy Saxbury

Vice President, Public Sector Programs


Michelle Harper

Director, Human Resources


Gerald Kennedy

Director, Program Management Office & Compliance

Carey Sheahan

Carey Sheahan

Director, Commercial Programs