Why Newberry Group?

Strength from the Inside Out

Newberry has a decades long reputation for attracting, and keeping, top-level talent so we can quickly deliver the right team, with the right experience and expertise, to every client, on any engagement. Here are just a few reasons why organizations like yours choose us—and why we have an impressive 95% employee retention rate.

Radical Ideas and Unconventional Wisdom

Helping our clients create an unobstructed path to achieve their goals, creating the plan to get to the next level, improving performance and service delivery — that’s what The Newberry Group is about. Whatever the objective on your horizon, Newberry provides guidance along the way with sound reasoning, deft communications, and relentless attention to detail.

Forward Thinking

The key to success today is learning how to anticipate change and planning your response to it. Newberry’s innovative processes make it possible for us to see ahead, beyond the next obvious step to the bigger picture of where your business and your industry is going. True insight into your business, coupled with our creative application of project management and facilitation, results in innovative solutions to solve your business.

Sustaining Value

Our solutions provide enduring value for our clients — quality solutions that show measurable, concrete results and affect your bottom line. Not quick fixes or cosmetic changes; real solutions that sustain.

Harness change and achieve a competitive advantage

Nothing thrills our seasoned consultants more than engineering organizational change. Our experienced process experts and PMI-certified project managers work closely with your key stakeholders, motivated employees and decision makers to successfully bring about game-changing organizational change with minimal noise.

Reliable, secure Managed IT Service Delivery – Friendly to Change

Working from a best-in-class cybersecurity-IT-Business framework, combined with a highly collaborative operating approach, we provide both a robust IT foundation and flexible approach to managed IT services delivery that can adapt to each client’s changing IT and business needs.

Mission Control

Collaboration in Delivery

We are your partner. Our expertise and authenticity build trusted partner relationships with our clients. Building structured collaboration into the delivery of requested services sets the stage for continued cooperation beyond the timeframe of a specific engagement meeting the needs of the organization and its most important customers – internally and externally.