How do you manage your business when your core processes are erratic and varying in quality and throughput capacity?

The Newberry Group works with process owners to stand up sturdy business processes through business process change management services. We help the team establish process flows, definitions, and performance metrics. We work across the organization to establish dependencies and We utilize our experience with systems design, industrial psychology, and process improvement methodologies. Throughout the design and implementation of new business processes, we ensure the right controls and monitoring are in place for continuous improvement.

Newberry has developed business process change management solutions for Fortune 500 companies, large government entities, as well as for business units, small not for profits and educational organizations. We understand the power that an efficient, well-managed process can bring to service organizations.

Business processes must evolve to become more efficient, adapt to new products and services, and thrive within complex marketplace and regulatory environments. Our process management service helps organizations improve and revolutionize their business processes through business process analysis, definition, execution, and automation. Newberry helps our clients develop processes that align systems, people and work with mission to deliver long-term results. We offer:

Process Mapping. Newberry profiles an organization’s processes, roles, capabilities, and
performance to understand the challenges.

Process Improvement and Reengineering. Is it time to revamp an area of the business? We deliver a grounded, tried-and-true method for moving through the stages of an incremental or
clean slate initiative.

Capability Mapping. Newberry provides reliable profiles of an organization’s capabilities and their respective performance across a variety of areas.

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