The Newberry Group helps organizations engage in better conversations about their business through organizational change management.

We drive the critical aspects of organizational change including organizational design, sponsorship, internal and external communications, and training. We work with a wide range of stakeholders to maximize the opportunities of a new initiative.

Achieve active participation, engagement and adoption of an initiative. From the moment a new business or technology initiative begins, the change to the organization must be managed effectively. Newberry excels at helping organizations make the best use of their time in collaborative change efforts. It’s one of our fortes.

Organizational Change Management:

Change Readiness Assessment. The Change Readiness Assessment evaluates the level of organizational readiness for change. This instrument covers the critical success factors for effective change including communication, employee satisfaction, capacity, culture, urgency, engagement, leadership, and more.

People Deliver Results® We support organizations from beginning to end with a program of change that is both structured yet flexible. People Deliver Results® is a method for change that draws on the best thinking on organizational change management – from Kotter’s Eight Steps to Jim Collins Good to Great and more. This integrated program is scalable – from the business unit all the way up to the enterprise.

Communication Planning and Execution. We design and deliver outstanding communication products that help instill a sense of consistency and alignment across change. These may include blog postings, short video, and social media, as well as town hall meetings, staff meeting presentations, white papers, regular emails, and more.

Leading for Results Training. We offer a four part series that will engage, challenge and inspire your leadership team in moving forward. Not just a classroom training, our Leading for Results Training brings forth the key questions that typically hold back leadership teams, especially around commitment, alignment, personal behavior, and other areas that typically undermine change endeavors.

Change Management

Check out this infographic to get a handle of where your organization should invest its time and money in improving the process of organizational change.



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