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Information security incidents can leave you open to greater risks that lead to financial penalties, critical data loss, legal exposure, and bad publicity. Mitigate your risk with a timely and effective incident response.

Our Expertise

We are highly experienced at containing and remedying information security incidents then closing the associated window of elevated risk. Our expertise includes:

  • Range of incidents: From data breaches and insider fraud, to repeated intrusions from advanced persistent threats.
  • Team leadership: Leading and serving on numerous incident response teams from small-scale to enterprise-level incidents involving hundreds of compromised hosts and large volumes of stolen data.
  • Range of clientele: Law firms, higher education, local and Federal government agencies, non-profits, and Fortune 500 Companies

Incident Response services include:
Incident Response Management

Manage all facets of your response to an incident to help you maximize effectiveness, minimize losses, and control cost.


Analyze your current response capabilities, plans, and preparedness and help you to bring your organization to a heightened state of readiness. This will ensure more rapid and effective response to future incidents and by extension, lower costs associated with security events.


Investigate an incident to determine the nature of the event, the scope of unauthorized activities, and a quantification of data losses and damage incurred.


Plan and execute additional security measures designed to stop the spread of an incident and halt unauthorized activity, thereby preventing additional damage and loss.


Assist you in removing the damage of a security event and in assist you in returning your information systems to a state of trust so that you can resume operations.


Help you to reduce future risk by utilizing lessons learned from an incident to prevent similar events from occurring.

Technical Support

Perform specific technical tasks to support your incident response efforts, ranging from the forensic analysis of potentially compromised systems and malicious code to network monitoring.

For more information about our incident response services, our certified IT professionals, or how we help businesses create reliable and functional IT for businesses of all sizes, call us today at (866) 725-8674

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