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Digital Forensic Investigations is the use of specialized, technical processes along with standard investigation techniques to uncover facts and evidence from digital devices and networks. Our experience extends across all critical infrastructures.

Our Expertise

We have conducted digital forensic investigations for customers including global law firms and corporations, as well as government agencies. Our expertise includes:

  • Range of Operating Systems: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • Variety of Devices: mobile devices including Blackberries, iPhones, Windows Mobile, GPS units, and even antiquated technology often seen in theater
  • Code: Analysis of unknown or malicious code
  • Data: Classic media imaging and advanced live acquisition of volatile and non-volatile data
Digital Forensics services include:
Data Breach Investigation

Investigate data breaches to determine both the method of entry and the scope of the event, as well as profiling and quantifying the data loss. We also offer full Incident Response services.

Digital Forensic Investigations

Perform electronic discovery or a full digital forensics investigation in support of disputes such as IP theft, fraud, unauthorized data deletion, harassment, document validation or spoliation. Our experience ranges in international, federal, and state/local investigations. We analyze digital evidence pertaining to these and other matters to determine the facts surrounding an event.

Insider Threat Investigations

Employee theft and embezzlement, intellectual property violations, and misuse of company property are a common insider threats. We analyze digital evidence pertaining to various internal matters to determine the facts surrounding an event.

  • New Hire Program
  • Departing Employee Program
Litigation Support Services

We have extensive experience and success testifying in a court of law or tribunal as to the general nature of digital evidence and the facts surrounding the specific evidence in a dispute. We collect, discover, and analyze evidence relating to the prosecution litigation support requirements of violent crime, white collar crime, organized crime, and property crimes. We have experience in international, federal, and state/local investigations.


Our experienced staff is equipped to handle all tasks associated with the evidence lifecycle including:

Collection. We will assist with all manner of data collection. We are available to perform basic spot collection to full forensic imaging of everything from servers to cell phones. We are also available to guide your self-collection with advice about methodology, record keeping, and technology. While there are certainly upstream activities to consider (preservation, identification, information management), collection and the accompanying organizational efforts are key as many legal matters have had data thrown out due to bad collection practices. Don’t let that happen to you.

Processing. We can process your data and prepare it for hosting and review in any contemporary document review platform. We will process your data according to your custom specification or we can process according to our established specification which has been designed in light of judicial expectations and practical guidelines.

Hosting. We will host your data in a state of the art facility allowing for ease of review through your web browsers.

Production. We can generate productions to meet any specification such as TIFs, text, metadata, pure native production or hybrid production. We can accommodate load files for any review platform and can customize metadata files to your requirements.

For more information about our digital forensics services, our certified IT professionals, or how we help businesses create reliable and functional IT for businesses of all sizes, call us today at (866) 725-8674

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