LookingGlass Cyber Solutions delivers comprehensive threat intelligence-driven solutions through a scalable portfolio of data feeds, threat intelligence management, services, and network threat mitigation. LookingGlass enables security teams to efficiently and effectively address threats throughout their lifecycle. Learn more at

As a partner with LookingGlass, Newberry offers:

LookingGlass Solutions

Newberry is an authorized reseller of all LookingGlass products to include:

  • ScoutVision
    ScoutVision™ enables security incident responders, third-party risk monitors, and threat intelligence analysts to transform threat data into action.
  • ScoutPrime”
    ScoutPrime™ enables 3rd party risk monitors, security operations centers and threat researchers to use advanced threat scoring to make better decisions using actionable threat intelligence.
  • Response and Takedown Service
    The LookingGlass Response and Take-Down Service team works with ISPs to quickly and effectively remove offending or malicious content such as rogue applications, data leaks, phishing, and copyright and trademark violations that can pose a threat to your employees, your physical and digital infrastructure, and your brand.
  • Custom Threat Intelligence Analysis
    LookingGlass offers three distinct tiers of intelligence analyst support services to help you fill the gaps in your threat intelligence operations.
  • DNS Defender
    LookingGlass DNS Defender® protects against DNS attacks, accelerate DNS performance, provide insight into DNS traffic, and deliver the flexibility you need to protect both your DNS and your entire enterprise from evolving threat actors.

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